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Check the status of your request by entering your Reference Number and the Patient's Date Of Birth.

Submit your request inquiry to the following email:

Enter your reference number exactly as it shows on your request for records

From the day our process center receives your request —your request is subject to a 20 business days turnaround

Please do not call for status —we will not provide any request status during this time

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your request for records must be served with an Initial Processing Fee of $15.00. Without your Initial Processing Fee your request for records will not be processed.
  • The "Treating Doctor's Name" and the "Treating Location Address" must be specified in your request for records. Your request for records must be directed to "William Ramirez, DC QME".
  • We required individual requests for Medical, Therapy, Billing, X-Rays, etc records —as each record item is processed and retrieved separately.

Our practice does not accept any records requests by fax, email or personal service. You must upload your request for records from our secure Upload Portal Module

If you are unable to upload, please mail your request to our Request Process Center located at 1142 S. Diamond Bar Blvd PMB 310, Diamond Bar, CA 91765.

All records requests are subject to twenty (20) business days turnaround. However, some requests might take longer than expected, depending on the chart situation. Please do not call during this period of time, we'll keep you posted on any further updates by fax and email.

You can always check the status of your record request from our Online Status Portal, all you need is your unique Reference Number and the Patient's Date of Birth. CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR REQUEST NOW!